Fiber glassing

Fiber glassing

We at Sunrise treat it as the water tight shield around wooden materials.It enhances durability so that travelling in rough waters become easy pickings.With fiber glassing,far less maintenance is needed.


Steps to Success

Responsibility of the job

Our main goal is to make sure whatever our customers request of us to be done be of good quality and satisfaction so as to maintain good customer friendly relationship.

Knowledge and experience

Over the years it has been a consistent obligation and responsibility to ensure that Sunrise has the well skilled, and experienced professionals to undertake the duties of its fiber glass works.

Quality of materials

It is a very important factor in the trade because whatever is utilized will determine the durability of the work delivered to our customers, so we at Sunrise make it a priority to ensure the best quality of materials is purchased even though it means placing online orders.

Surface preparation

When a customer describes a project they need the company to embark on, we immediately come up with a strategy and begin to lay out the steps necessary to complete the finished work.Like for example: Building a fiberglass vessel the first step would be to build a mold that is close to the appearance and integrity of the finished hull desired.